How to: Add an Image to a Page or Post in WordPress


This slideshow tutorial covers the basics of adding images to WordPress posts and pages.

Slide 01: Introduction
Slide 02: The Posts menu in the WordPress Admin
Slide 03: Editing a post - the caret's position, the Upload/Insert area
Slide 04: Adding an image with the file uploader
Slide 05: Uploaded image info - basic information
Slide 06: Uploaded image info - title, alternate text, and linking the image
Slide 07: Uploaded image info - alignment, positioning, and inserting into the post
Slide 08: Alignment example - left alignment
Slide 09: Alignment example - right alignment
Slide 10: Alignment example - center alignment
Slide 11: Alignment example - no alignment
Slide 12: Previewing and publishing changes; additional notes on other image adding options; using an image as the featured image of a post.
Slide 13: Complete!

Visit WordPress for a detailed explanation on Inserting Images into Posts and Pages.

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