Mouse Potato v1.0

A Journey...

There were once two friends.

These two friends did start a web development company together. With the powers invested in them, in addition to those of the supergroup design agency henceforth known as Tadaa, they vowed to forge an allegiance which would enforce the powers of good on the interwebs; good practices, and good standards (and also slay any dragons that be here and there).

With their toolbars, RSS feeds, and twitter loaded with an arsenal of mentors, they ventured forth...

And so the journey did begin; Mouse Potato v1.0 was borne unto the world.

Let's make the web a beautiful place.


Technologies on which Mouse Potato v1.0 stands firm:

2 Responses

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  1. As a designer, I’ll comment on the aesthetics… Beautiful site guys! Finally – developers who understand design. How refreshing! Good work :)

    • Thanks Ali, we have some great mentors :D

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